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Wine Serving Temperature

Too Hot or Too Cold

Most people serve their white wine too cold and their red wine too warm. Too illustrate:

Refrigerator: 35F (2C)
White wine: 45-55F (7-13C)
Red wine: 55-65F (13-18C)
Room temp.: 65-80F (18-27C)

The temperature at which a bottle of wine is served can impact the way a wine tastes. At the "right" temperature, a wine will best display its aroma and flavor - too cold can mask aroma and flavor, and too hot can emphasize less desirable characteristics such as the alcohol. As a general rule of thumb, white wines should be served chilled, and red wines should be served "at room temperature" (more on room temperature in a minute).

What, then, is the "right" temperature? While there is no exact temperature for either red or white wines, most recommendations fall within a fairly narrow range, as follows:

You don't have to be too exact. Somewhere close to these ranges will suffice. In all cases, storing and serving wine above 70 degrees Fahrenheit should be avoided.

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