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Wine Education / Wine Training

Wine is truly a topic where one can never stop learning. There are so many aspects to wine. There is the history of wine which dates to antiquity. A substantial amount of time may be spent learning about the various wine regions of the world. This, of course, also has an aspect of travel and leisure to it. An individual can spend time learning about wine itself - the grapes, the styles, tasting, storage, and serving.

Then there are the food and fine dining aspects to wine. Food and wine pairing is a topic that may be explored endlessly, hopefully by tasting a log of wine and food in various combinations. There is also cooking with wine and the flavors that various types of wine can add to almost any quisine.

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Where to Get Started Learning About Wine

While there really is no substitute to tasting as many varieties of wine as one can and pairing various wines with different foods, it can be helpful to have a good foundation of background information to further appreciate what you are experiencing.

Read a Book About Wine

Perhaps the best place to start is reading books about wine. There are numerous books written about a wide range of wine topics from books that teach you about wine, wine types, and wine regions to books about wine making.

Subscribe to a Magazine About Wine

Another good means of staying abreast of wine news, happenings, and new releases is by subscribing to one of the may magazines about wine. These provide excellent background information as well as keeping on abreast of the latest developments in the wine industry.

Visit Websites About Wine

Similar to reading a book or the magazine, is learning about wine from websites. There are numerous non-commercial sites about wine, many of which are informational to promote the wines of a given region. These type of sites, typically put up by trade associations, or wine maker or grape grower organizations, are long on useful information and short on "sales pitch".

Watch a Video About Wine

There are also numerous videos about wine that can help an individual to gain an understanding of a wide range of wine topics. There are many free videos and podcasts about wine as well as DVDs about wine. All provide excellent information for the novice and expert alike.

...and Don't Forget to Taste Wine...

Again, don't forget to taste wine. Pairing wine knowledge learned from the described sources with the practical experience of tasting may different types and styles of wine will serve to make an individual a well-rounded wine consumer and connoisseur. So taste up:

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