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Books About Making Wine

For those who are more adventurous, there are many excellent books that can take you through the process of making your own wine.

From Vines to Wines: The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine

By: Jeff Cox

A very comprehensive book that takes the reader from selecting grape vines and planting a vineyard all the way through the process of fermenting, aging, and bottling wine.

Length: 256 pages

The Home Winemaker's Companion: Secrets, Recipes, and Know-How for Making 115 Great-Tasting Wines

By: Gene Spaziani and Ed Halloran

A complete reference for the home winemaker including instructions for using concentrates, kits, juices, fruits, and herbs to create homemade wine.

Length: 288 pages

The Way to Make Wine: How to Craft Superb Table Wines at Home

By: Sheridan Warrick

The author, Sheridan Warrick, is a vintner and science editor. The book is organized into two sections, one for beginners, and one for individuals with experience. Step-by-step instructions are given.

Length: 267 pages

The Wine Maker's Answer Book

By: Alison Crowe

The Wine Makerís Answer Book is like a hotline with advice on hundreds of winemaking questions.

Length: 384 pages

Understanding Wine Technology: The Science of Wine Explained, New Edition

By: David Bird

This book does a good job of simplifying the science of winemaking. It is clearly written and easy to read.

Length: 265 pages

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