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Wine Education / Wine Classes

An excellent way to learn more about wine is to attend a wine class or other wine education event. Many wine events include classes on both wine and food. In addition, there are many wine schools and other educational institutions that provide wine education.

A great deal of wine education is oriented toward consumers with the aim of teaching about wine regions, wine styles, how to taste wine, and pairing wine with food. Other wine classes are oriented more toward the wine trade where the emphasis is on wine storage, wine and food pairings, and serving wine.

Wine classes can be either delivered in a traditional classroom setting or online. Face-to-face wine classes have the advantage of being able to include wine tasting as part of the curriculum, but online classes can do an excellent job of teaching about wine regions and styles.

Online Wine Classes

Wine Classes by Location

Wine Classes - Napa, California

Wine Classes - Davis, California

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Wine Classes - New York, New York

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Wine Classes for the Wine Trade

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corkscrew Wine Classes by Location

corkscrew Wine Classes for the Wine Trade