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About The Wine Road Less Traveled

The Wine Road Less Traveled is a web site dedicated to finding fine wine and fine dining experiences off of the beaten path. As such, we tend to stay away from the well trodden wine paths for less well known wine producing regions. For this reason we do not currently spend a lot of time covering wine regions and wineries in well known wine producing regions such as California, France, Italy, Oregon and Washington.

Yes, it is true that all of these wonderful wine producing areas do have their "finds" and wineries in very unexpected places, but the main stream wine press tends to find them with time. We may, in the future, spend some time also exploring these too, but for now we have our hands full covering all of the wonderful wine made in less well known places.

For Wine Consumers

In The Wine Road Less Traveled you will find a wealth of information about wine, such as:

For Individuals in the Wine Trade

Wine Retailers

If you are a wine retailer that makes it a point to feature the wines of your less well known state or region you may want to get listed in the "Wine Retailer" section of this web site.


Enoteca, Wine Bar, Restaurant that Features Wine

If you are a food and wine establishment that goes out of your way to feature wine, such as:

  • An extensive list of wines by the glass
  • Feature the wines of local wineries
  • Provide wine and food pairing suggestions
  • Frequently host wine dinners and wine tastings

You may wish to get listed in the "Wine Bars" section of this web site.

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