"A vine bears three grapes – the first of pleasure, the second of drunkenness and the third of repentance."

- Anacharsis, Scythian philosopher, 6th Century BC, Inc.

2008 Guidobono Nebbiolo Pleases at a Good Price

Nebbiolo and value usually do not go together in the same sentence. Most of us are familiar with Nebbiolo in the wines of wines of Barolo, Barbaresco which are typically fairly to very expensive. Even when you find a “value” Nebbiolo it still usually a little more than most people spend on a bottle of wine. Thus I was very pleased when I found the 2008 Guidobono Nebbiolo from Langhe for “only” $15.00.

This wine has a rustic nose (some fruit, somewhat earthy) and is medium to dark red in the glass. The taste is of dark fruit, a fair amount of tannin but still smooth enough to be enjoyable. It went well without overpowering the herbed grilled chicken I was eating. In the final analysis, I liked this wine. I would buy it again. In reading other reviews on the web it may be possible to get this at some wine shops for under $15 – which would make it an even better find for a good Nebbiolo.

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