"A vine bears three grapes – the first of pleasure, the second of drunkenness and the third of repentance."

- Anacharsis, Scythian philosopher, 6th Century BC, Inc.

Turning Leaf 2007 Pinot Noir in a Box

I am always on the prowl for good wine buys and will give most vintage dated box wines at least one shot. The latest up for a try was the 2007 Turning Leaf  Reserve Pinot Noir. This wine set me back $19.99 for a 3 liter box (4 bottles or 20 5 oz glasses). It is an Italian Pinot Noir from Provincia Di Pavia.

This is a light to light/medium bodied wine. It does have some red berry flavors, although not as intense as in most Pinot Noirs. On first taste there was a little harshness to the wine, but I found that it faded as the wine had time to breath in my glass. As a matter of fact, I found that as I drank my way through the box over the course of a week that the wine softened and the berry flavors became more pronounced. I imagine that as some air made its way into the bas during dispensing that the wine softened. My recommendation would be that you pour your first glasses of this wine a little before you drink them to let the air soften the wine a bit.

Overall I would rate this wine as good. It is a nice light red that will pair well with most food. It’s not a wine to get too worked up about or spend a lot of time contemplating. It is a good quaffing wine to go with most any meal. A good wine and a good value. It is always nice when you can find a Pinot Noir that is drinkable for under $10 a bottle…

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Turning Leaf 2007 Pinot Noir in a Box, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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6 comments to Turning Leaf 2007 Pinot Noir in a Box

  • Thank you. Yes, it is a good wine and good value. We paid less than 19.99 however.

  • Ha I’m glad most people don’t like TL 2007 Pinot Noir it makes it cheaper for me to purchase. I just spent $20 on a bottle I could hardly drink and corked it to open up the TL :} Good buy.

  • Anne Johnson

    I just bought my first box. Looked in vain for the “best drunk before……” blurb which is at the top of most box wines I try.
    Am looking forward to sampling this.

  • Just Glad that Pinot Noir comes in a BOX!

  • Selena

    My parents are practically wine connoisseurs. I always try new wines at their home… recently, I teased them for reverting back to their youth when they couldn’t afford the nice bottles they regularly drink (at least one bottle per night). They insisted I try THIS wine (2007 Turning Leaf Reserve Pinot Noir). I can’t wait to go buy a box myself. It’s very drinkable, very affordable, and light enough to be entirely versatile!

    Granted, I always let my wine sit 10-20 minutes before drinking and the box had been opened about a week earlier, so I never tasted any of that harshness you mentioned, but I will definitely be buying a box as soon as I can get to the state run liquor store (limited hours)!

    Unlike my wealthy parents, I’m not yet in a position to drink pricier wines, so finding a decent box is definitely exciting!

  • Gary Edward

    I have been drinking this Pinot for about 2 years an find it enjoyable. It is very palatable and stores well in my basement (60F). Of course, it is not a top notch Pinot, but I think is is much nicer than the price belays. I have not tried the 2009 yet.

    I was in Provence last fall and purchased a bottle of Maison Bouachon Chateauneuf-du-Pape Dedication 2005 for $69. It tasted great at the winery, but when I opened the bottle in January, the moldy cork and wine; well it might as well have been a bottle of Ripple. I still have not heard from the winery.

    Never again will I purchase a wine I cannot return to the store.

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